Services Window Tinting & PPF

Our Window Tinting & PPF (Paint Protective Film) service offers homeowners the opportunity to enhance their vehicle's privacy and protect its exterior from damage with our high-quality tinting and paint protection film.
Window Tinting & PPF for Hollywood Detail in Northport , AL Window Tinting & PPF for Hollywood Detail in Northport , AL

Now offering Window Tint, and PPF (Paint Protective Film)!

Here at Hollywood detail, we strive to be the leading shop for all your window tinting and car wrap needs; with over 8+ years in the industry we are more than capable at taking your vehicle to the next level.

Here at Hollywood detail we believe having the latest cutting edge products, tools, and facility. We are able to bring you the highest quality work and get your vehicle exactly how you want it. Call us today for any questions!

Prices: Standard Ceramic

FRU: $150.00. $200.00
2 Dr: $250.00. $300.00
4 Dr: $300.00. $400.00
7 SUV: $450.00. $500.00
9 SUV: $550.00. $600.00
WS: $225.00
VIS: $50.00
Quarters: +$25.00 per
Sunroofs: $50.00 per panel
Tint Removal: $100 per hour

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Testimonials & Reviews
    • out of 5 stars
      ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY!! 🤩 They did such a wonderful job (and I am not that easy to please 👩🏻‍🦰) Above & beyond my expectations. Such attention to detail 🤣 But really, all the nooks & crannies completely cleaned!!! My 5 year old son got in the car and said “wow I can tell you cleaned the car!” All credit to Hollywood Detail for the outstanding job!!!
    • out of 5 stars
      My daughter had my car detailed for me after a tragic incident I had with some queso cheese that ended up all over in my car & in the holes in my front seats & Aaron did a great job getting it looking like new again! Great work & great customer service! I highly recommend Hollywood Detail! Robin
    • out of 5 stars
      Highly recommend. Aaron takes pride in his work. Good job guys!!!!!